ProPlate has been delivering results in the electroplating industry since the company’s inception. We provide superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers. The team has a combined 35 years of experience in Electroplating and Technology solutions. Our passion is to exceed clients’ expectations. With revolutionary, industry-disrupting software tools, we provide the solution to all your company’s electroplating needs. The award-winning software maximizes profit by optimizing production and quality – it eliminates all guesswork from the plating process. We combine our unmatched technical expertise and passion to deliver exceptional results to deliver a customized client product that’s backed by performance guarantees. Our consulting and software team maintains the highest level of technical knowledge in the plating industry and provides the latest technologies to our clients to deliver proven, yet innovative industry solutions for their customized needs.

Since 2014 ProPlate has collaborated with its clients to achieve a wide range of goals. Our powerful software will optimize process techniques and gain process approvals; dramatically increase productivity and quality; lower production cost; and increase profit levels. We look forward to working together with you to maximize your plating company’s profits.

About Us

Ken Poucket

Ken Poucket is a well-recognized expert in the Electroplating Industry.

Ken Poucket is a world-renowned expert in the Electroplating Industry with 35 years of managerial and technical experience. He has become a subject matter expert in plating areas of Zinc, Zinc Nickel, Zinc Iron, Tin Zinc, Cadmium, Phosphating, Chromating, Mechanical Plating, Process Improvements and Control, Cycling, Project Managing, Sales Quoting, and Cost Analysis. His diversity in various roles throughout his expansive career in the Metal Finishing Industry give him an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry – Ken started as a lab technician, quickly advanced to Plant Manager, then reached the level of Vice President.
To further broaden his skills, he joined a large international chemical company where he led a technical support team for the entire Midwest Region of the United States. While serving various customers, he noticed a recurring theme that seemed to bother all platers—there is a great deal of “guess work” when it comes to processing and quoting. With ever-increasing customer request to provide dedicated consulting, he launched ProPlate to assist the Metal Finishing Industry in recognizing these opportunities for improvements.

Why ProPlate ?

ProPlate is the game-changing software in the plating industry, and those without it have already fallen behind. It is an enterprise-level software to track, calculate, and optimize your parts, geometry, chemical processing, quoting, and process quality to deliver maximum profitability. The trial-and-error process, that generates costly excess waste is eliminated. The plating technician no longer must struggle to help achieve a uniform finish on complex electroplated components. ProPlate is a fully customizable, streamlined, user-friendly Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution to manage all your companies processing needs with ease. The system is seamlessly integrated and we provide industry expert on-call and onsite support for our clients. Without a significant financial investment, watch your profits increase astronomically.

Part Load Calculating and Processing Recipes

Precise surface area calculations on complex part geometries.


Accurate calculation of chemical cost per pound, chemical cost per square foot, and/or chemical cost per barrel.

Shop Floor Management

Maintain and calculate all customer quotations that guarantee profitability per prints and industry standards.


Statistical Process Control methods that maintain highest quality and mitigate rework.


Seamless integration with your current platform with the added functionality of the industry’s most powerful visual shop software.


Paperless inventory management that generates alarms to alert users of low quantities or missing chemicals.

A Unique Advantage

  • Test Image Estimate correctly to make every job profitable at the lowest pricing for your customer.

  • Test Image Reduce rework

  • Test Image Maximize load capacity.

  • Test Image On demand consulting service.

  • Test Image Increase efficiency to greatly increase production numbers

  • Test Image Manage process quality with statistical process controls

  • Test Image Generate business reports to get dashboard full of status bulletins

  • Test Image Streamline your process and shorten turnaround time for your customer.

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