PROPLATE™ is the game-changing software in the Metal Finishing industry, and those without it will fall behind. It is a fully customizable, streamlined, user-friendly enterprise-level Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution to manage all your company’s processing needs with ease. Incorporating industry input, it is a software that tracks production, calculates Part Surface Areas, Chemical Analysis, improves Process and Quality to attain a uniformed-finish on complex parts, and generates customer quotations to reduce costs and deliver maximum profitability. Working with the industry, we identified a recurring theme that bothered all the Metal Finishers – there is a great deal of “guess-work” when it comes to processing and quoting.


  • Eliminates operational guess-work!
  • Seamless integration with your current system without losing any historical data
  • Uses in-built statistical algorithms to conduct all operational calculations
  • Minimizes Rework
  • Maximizes load capacity
  • Dynamic Scheduling to maximize throughput
  • Reduces excess chemical waste which lowers expensive chemical and recycling costs
  • Manages Process Quality with Statistical Process Controls (SPC’s)
  • A streamlined Quality Assurance system at each step of the process compliant with ISO and SAE standards of Metal Finishing
  • Increases operational efficiency to maximize production capacity which will maximize sales revenue
  • Estimates costing accurately to maximize the profitability of every customer quotation/order
  • Streamlines your processes and shortens turnaround times for your customers
  • Generates business reports to get the dashboard of comprehensive status bulletins
  • On-demand consulting services available

We are here to assist you and the company to achieve its optimum performance and success; from set-up to execution. The system is seamlessly integrated and we provide an industry expert on-call and onsite (if required) to support our clients.

PROPLATE™ does not require any significant financial investment and offers a very short Return on Investment (ROI), so your profits will quickly increase astronomically! We look forward to working together with you to maximize your facility’s Operational Efficiency and Profits.